Children's Charity - first project

We are in the works of building the stepping stones of our Children’s Charity Projects.

We newly running our pool since 10 Apr 2021 and looking for our delagators support to increase block minting chance, we hope you join us and support our Children’s Charity Projects.

Thank you.

Donate 20% profits

22 May 2021 (Epoch267)

Peachy Stake Pool first Block minted


Total block minted : 2 Blocks

Fee recieved : 340 ADA

Opearation cost : 108.67 ADA

Profits : 231.33 ADA

Donation (20%) : 46.27 ADA


Total block minted : 1 Block

Fee recieved : 340 ADA

Opearation cost : 114.07 ADA

Profits : 225.93 ADA

Donation (20%) : 45.19 ADA


Total block minted : 1 Block

Fee recieved : 340 ADA

Opearation cost : 250.93 ADA

Profits : 89.07 ADA

Donation (20%) :17.81 ADA

Total Donation : 109.27 ADA


We will donate to EDF (The Education for Development Foundation)

EDF strongly believes that education is one of the most important keys in uplifting the quality of life of disadvantaged children and youths, in addition, to prevent many social problems. Those with basic education can utilize and apply their knowledge to gain entry to skilled worker job opportunities or to higher education. This liberates them from poverty and prevents them from falling victim to low-paying, menial jobs or human trafficking.